Archivast prints photographs to last - We hope you pass them down

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Archivast photographs are printed with archival pigment inks on archival 100% cotton paper. Made from digital files that offer continuous tones, smooth transitions and a vibrant, true-to-life black & white and color range, prints are produced on Fine Art paper with matte and baryta finishes. This printing process may also be referred to as Inkjets, Iris prints or Giclées. 

The process originated in the late 1980s and is respected by Fine Art experts, world-renowned galleries and passionate collectors. Since the inception of this process, technological advancements have led to higher resolution prints, highly archival pigments and inks, and a more environmentally-friendly print process.  We choose the Archival Pigment process for color and black and white images that warrant a more artistic approach to printmaking.  

Archivast frames prints with an elegant black wood frame (3/4 inch face), UV Plexiglass to protect your photo and a white mat to complete the framed experience.  Additionally Archivast curates one-off frames that we source from reclaimed wood, vintage frames and other architectural materials (such as our current zinc-wrapped wood frames).  Photographs framed in these custom frames also feature UV Plexiglass to protect your photo and a white mat.  One-off frames are priced based on the frame and amount of work we've put reconditioning and framing.  

If you have any custom requests - whether for images, framing or custom framing, please contact us at with a description of what you are looking for, and we'll do our best to exceed your request.  Custom requests can include wholesale bulk orders, specific themes, custom curating for your home or office, and custom framing.